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How to handle these 6 types of freelance clients

in Working Guides

There are so many client personalities it’s hard to generalise them into just a few. But here I’ve noted the most com...

Understanding Sales versus Marketing

in Selling Guides

In boardrooms around the globe the term ‘sales and marketing' are often whispered in one breath, like they are synony...

Payment methods for freelancers

in Starting Guides

One of the most overlooked areas for freelancers is how they get paid. It’s an important part of the experience from ...

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9 sales tips for freelancers

in Selling Guides

Over the last 7 years of selling freelance services, I’ve picked up on a few things that repeat themselves. If you do...

How to get 5 to 10 freelance web leads every day

in Starting Guides

Whether you’re a web designer, developer or marketer, finding your next paid project is the last thing you think abou...

Stand Out from the Crowd on Job Sites

in Selling Guides

Job sites are a popular way for freelancers to find work, but a quick glance at any of them will show you just what a...

Why all freelancers should write a manifesto (with examples)

in Positioning Guides

Your manifesto sets out the values in which you do your work. It includes things you don’t stand for as much as thing...

How you can double your freelance income overnight

in Growing Guides

Double your hourly rate. Seriously. Okay there’s a bit more to it, but that’s the gist of it.The art of pricing your ...

What is an advanced freelancer?

in Starting Guides

Advanced freelancers are different to your typical freelancer in a few important ways. They are reliable when they ta...

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