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How to write the perfect freelance case study

in Positioning Guides

Not all case studies are created equally. Most are pretty shit actually. For freelancers that aren’t professional wri...

How to win freelance work without proposals

in Positioning Guides

Writing proposals has to be the most time consuming and least motivating part of freelance work. A lot of effort goes...

How much should a freelancer charge?

in Starting Guides

Working out how much you cost is easy. But how much you should charge is a little more complex. There are many ways t...

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Cold Calling for freelancers

in Selling Guides

Don’t do it.It’s desperate, and it most cases annoying. If you have a good service and demonstrate it well enough, th...

Stand Out from the Crowd on Job Sites

in Selling Guides

Job sites are a popular way for freelancers to find work, but a quick glance at any of them will show you just what a...

One sure fire way to win a freelance job

in Starting Guides

At the height of my own freelancing career I could boast a 10% conversion rate from first contact to closing the deal...

6 ways to optimise sales conversion for freelancers

in Selling Guides

After being rejected a few times, you start to wonder what you’re doing wrong. Well, maybe it’s nothing and you just ...

How you can double your freelance income overnight

in Growing Guides

Double your hourly rate. Seriously. Okay there’s a bit more to it, but that’s the gist of it.The art of pricing your ...

How to pick your freelancing niche

in Positioning Guides

A freelance niche refers to a small segment of the total market that buys freelance services. This can be defined as ...

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