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How delegating tasks can improve your workflow

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Delegating tasks will not only improve your workflow, but this simple act can also save you money in the long term. T...

How to write the perfect freelance case study

in Working Guides

Not all case studies are created equally. Most are pretty shit actually. For freelancers that aren’t professional wri...

Why advanced freelancers shouldn’t use 99Designs (and other contest sites)

in Working Guides

Speculative work (also known as spec. work, or contests) is a plague in the online creative industry. It damages how ...

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Holidays for freelancers

in Working Guides

Between negotiating your rate, chasing up unpaid invoices and answering emails at 11 pm on a Friday - at some point i...

Where should you work?

in Working Guides

A big benefit of freelancing is the freedom to work wherever you want, whenever you want. No more 9-5, stuck in an of...

How to win freelance work without proposals

in Working Guides

Writing proposals has to be the most time consuming and least motivating part of freelance work. A lot of effort goes...

How to handle these 6 types of freelance clients

in Working Guides

There are so many client personalities it’s hard to generalise them into just a few. But here I’ve noted the most com...

How to pick your freelancing niche

in Working Guides

A freelance niche refers to a small segment of the total market that buys freelance services. This can be defined as ...

8 red flags to avoid bad freelance clients

in Working Guides

A bad client can cost you more than just the time spent dealing with the hassle they create. There are greater risks ...

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