How to get 5 to 10 freelance web leads every day

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Whether you’re a web designer, developer or marketer, finding your next paid project is the last thing you think about whilst you’re busy. But it becomes a huge emergency when works runs dry.

I used to dedicate 1 to 2 hours each day to reaching out to prospective clients. This time included having conversations and scheduling their work as it allowed.

One part of this process I decided to automate was lead finding. I trawled job boards, forums, social media and even google. I kept a list of over 300 different URL’s that I would go through until I found 3–5 suitable leads every day.

Below is the list of 100 websites I used to find leads every day.
I used to aim for at least one per day. My conversion rate was around 1 in 30, after follow ups and phone calls.

A lot of them didn’t have new jobs every day, but If I went through all them I found 5–10 that were relevant for me.

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