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What to include in your freelance portfolio (except for the obvious)

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Your name, location and contact details.Examples of your past work.It’s pretty clear that most freelancers know what ...

Why freelancing is not for you (and how you can make it work)

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The amount of people who choose to freelance is on the rise and how we seek employment are changing. PeoplePerHour fo...

One sure fire way to win a freelance job

in Starting Guides

At the height of my own freelancing career I could boast a 10% conversion rate from first contact to closing the deal...

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3 rules for branding your freelance business

in Starting Guides

A brand isn’t something you create or control, but you can try and shape it with style, imagery and succinct messages...

Payment methods for freelancers

in Starting Guides

One of the most overlooked areas for freelancers is how they get paid. It’s an important part of the experience from ...

How To Create A Portfolio With No Previous Work

in Starting Guides

Research suggests that only 35% of freelancers have an online portfolio for their work. However, 64% of freelancers s...

What is an advanced freelancer?

in Starting Guides

Advanced freelancers are different to your typical freelancer in a few important ways. They are reliable when they ta...

How to get 5 to 10 freelance web leads every day

in Starting Guides

Whether you’re a web designer, developer or marketer, finding your next paid project is the last thing you think abou...

How much should a freelancer charge?

in Starting Guides

Working out how much you cost is easy. But how much you should charge is a little more complex. There are many ways t...

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