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9 sales tips for freelancers

in Selling Guides

Over the last 7 years of selling freelance services, I’ve picked up on a few things that repeat themselves. If you do...

Cold Calling for freelancers

in Selling Guides

Don’t do it.It’s desperate, and it most cases annoying. If you have a good service and demonstrate it well enough, th...

How to cold email a freelance lead

in Selling Guides

I’ve gotten to see a lot of client introduction emails over the past couple of months. I’ve realised that most freela...

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How much should a freelancer charge?

in Selling Guides

Working out how much you cost is easy. But how much you should charge is a little more complex. There are many ways t...

Payment methods for freelancers

in Selling Guides

One of the most overlooked areas for freelancers is how they get paid. It’s an important part of the experience from ...

Why advanced freelancers shouldn’t use Bidding websites (Like UpWork,, PeoplePerHour)

in Selling Guides

Freelance bidding websites attract a lot of freelance projects. They do this by encouraging competition and cheap pri...

6 ways to optimise sales conversion for freelancers

in Selling Guides

After being rejected a few times, you start to wonder what you’re doing wrong. Well, maybe it’s nothing and you just ...

Negotiation for Freelancers

in Selling Guides

When most people think of negotiation, they think of hostages and they start to get nervous. But the negotiation phas...

5 things freelance clients want to know

in Selling Guides

Selling your services as a freelancer is probably not the way you want to spend your time. But if you want to do good...

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