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How to pick your freelancing niche

in Positioning Guides

A freelance niche refers to a small segment of the total market that buys freelance services. This can be defined as ...

What to include in your freelance portfolio (except for the obvious)

in Positioning Guides

Your name, location and contact details.Examples of your past work.It’s pretty clear that most freelancers know what ...

What is an advanced freelancer?

in Positioning Guides

Advanced freelancers are different to your typical freelancer in a few important ways. They are reliable when they ta...

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3 rules for branding your freelance business

in Positioning Guides

A brand isn’t something you create or control, but you can try and shape it with style, imagery and succinct messages...

Why all freelancers should write a manifesto (with examples)

in Positioning Guides

Your manifesto sets out the values in which you do your work. It includes things you don’t stand for as much as thing...

How to write the perfect freelance case study

in Positioning Guides

Not all case studies are created equally. Most are pretty shit actually. For freelancers that aren’t professional wri...

How to win freelance work without proposals

in Positioning Guides

Writing proposals has to be the most time consuming and least motivating part of freelance work. A lot of effort goes...

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