How to cold email a freelance lead

in Selling Guides

I’ve gotten to see a lot of client introduction emails over the past couple of months. I’ve realised that most freela...

Why all freelancers should write a manifesto (with examples)

in Positioning Guides

Your manifesto sets out the values in which you do your work. It includes things you don’t stand for as much as thing...

6 ways to optimise sales conversion for freelancers

in Selling Guides

After being rejected a few times, you start to wonder what you’re doing wrong. Well, maybe it’s nothing and you just ...

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How you can double your freelance income overnight

in Growing Guides

Double your hourly rate. Seriously. Okay there’s a bit more to it, but that’s the gist of it.The art of pricing your ...

How to win freelance work without proposals

in Positioning Guides

Writing proposals has to be the most time consuming and least motivating part of freelance work. A lot of effort goes...

Cold Calling for freelancers

in Selling Guides

Don’t do it.It’s desperate, and it most cases annoying. If you have a good service and demonstrate it well enough, th...

What to do when you have no freelance work

in Working Guides

It’s normal to want to fill your schedule with paid client work. But when you’re just working for clients you’ll lose...

3 rules for branding your freelance business

in Starting Guides

A brand isn’t something you create or control, but you can try and shape it with style, imagery and succinct messages...

Payment methods for freelancers

in Starting Guides

One of the most overlooked areas for freelancers is how they get paid. It’s an important part of the experience from ...

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